SIERRA Project

The SIERRA Project (Surveillance for Intelligent Emergency Response Robotic Aircraft)

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SIERRA Project

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kelly Cohen ( )

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Manish Kumar

Team Lead: Rob Charvat ( )

Team Members: Andrew Nels, Ted Meyer, Nich Buhr, Bryan Brown,
Nate Bodenschatz, Balaji Sharma, Sushill Garg

Motivation and Background (SP)

  • In the past decade, wildland fires, either natural or man-made, have caused a growing amount of devastation
  • This effort concerns the application of UAV technology to reduce the level of damage associated with wildland fires

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

  • Currently UAS are called upon to perform dull, dirty, and dangerous missions. To date, they are operated mainly by the military.
  • UAS can address the dirty and dangerous aspect of wildland fire.
  • The University of Cincinnati in collaboration with the state of West Virginia Forestry is developing a UAS system for wildland fire use (The SIERRA Project).

The SIERRA Project

  • The project calls for a live demonstration of a UAS system during a controlled wild fire.
  • The demonstration will provide important data for the continued development of a tactical UAS system for this application.
  • The tactical UAS system, based on the Marcus UAV, has a wing span of 54”, weighs 5 lbs, and has a flight time of 60 min. The aircraft will be hand launched and then flown using an autonomous system once airborne, while providing video and GPS data.
  • The event took place November 2011 in the Morgantown West Virginia area.

SIERRA Test Burn: 11/05/11

Sponsors and Funding

  • UC


  • Marcus UAV, Georgia
  • West Virginia Forestry Department, W.V.


  • Operational fire fighting units will have their own capability to deploy and operate the UAS for the enhancement of safety and improved performance.


 SIERRA Provost Visit Demonstration

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